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We're excited to announce we will be producing a short film about the Hold Me Dear project! This will include clips of individuals from around the world talking to camera about why the place they chose was important to them. The film will be shown at a number of upcoming exhibitions in Scotland as well as broadcast online.

We'd love for you to form a part of the film, and openly invite you to send us a short 30 seconds video clip of yourself talking to the camera about a place that you treasure. This could be a place you have already sent in to the Hold Me Dear project, or a completely different place that means a lot to you.

Make sure you keep your video to about 50 words describing why the place you are talking about is personally important to you. If you live near the place you are talking about you could film yourself in that place, or if it's further away just talk to the camera wherever you are. You don't need to have professional camera equipment - this call is open to everyone - phone cameras are fine.

Make sure to send a photograph of the place you are speaking about, along with your video to: . If the file is over 10MB please send a download link via a file sharing site like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Deadline for video entries to be included in the film is MONDAY 6 APRIL 2015. The film will be available on the Hold Me Dear website shortly afterwards. Can't wait!

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