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The Hold Me Dear project is a curated collection of beautiful photographs and personal stories which share the specific places that mean the most to individuals around the world. The continually evolving gallery can be found online, but the project also has occasional physical exhibitions.


You are invited to participate in the Hold Me Dear project by submitting a photograph of the place you personally treasure below.  Make sure you include a 50 words caption explaining the story behind why this place is important to you. 


It could be a hidden away secret spot in the city that you go to relax, a beautiful landscape which has a personal meaning to you, a place filled with childhood memories, or even the armchair of your family home. Captions should explain the characteristics of the space that you like and the story behind why it is important to you personally.


Interested in the latest news, updates on the project and upcoming events and exhibitions? Get involved and join our mailing list.




The HOLD ME DEAR project was founded in February 2014 by Jenny Elliott.  Inspired by her profession as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Jenny has a keen interest in how people use and experience spaces. 


Often the places we treasure are the result of our individual experiences, memories, love for certain qualities or personal stories connected with a place, but we rarely reveal these personal insights with other people. Through the HOLD ME DEAR project, Jenny aims to create a platform from which our individual stories of place can be shared with one another.





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