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Brenda Rosete is a Mexican visual artist. Her project 'The Maiden of the Sea' employs salt prints to explore a sense of place through the narrative of the first female sea captain, Betsy Miller (1792-1864) of Saltcoats. With ‘The Maiden of the Sea’ she situates herself in a location through an event that makes it unique, in order to undercover it’s essence.


With this project she aims to engage the communities in the understanding of the place where they live, enhancing like this the identity of the places and its relationship with people through the reinterpretation of their cultural and historical contexts.


“Besides underlining the importance of past history, a place can increase its value and strengthen its identity by residents of the area and outsiders’ perceptions in order to be memorable, so one must encourage the creation of memories as a part of our personal history. There exists a fundamental relationship between people and place that shapes a community’s identity”.

The Maiden of the Sea




About Brenda Rosete.

Brenda Rosete (b.1987) is a Mexican visual artist. She studied visual communication in Mexico and recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art where she studied a Masters in Photography.


Brenda has always been interested in exploring different ways of expression through visual means and writing. She worked in different workshops for children teaching painting and collaborated as well in a mexican magazine as a writer. After moving from Mexico to Scotland in 2013 she started a project named ‘The Maiden of the Sea’ that explores themes such as place and identity.


She is now approaching her practice on photography with alternative printing processes, with which she seeks to get back to a unique way to actually hand-make the photographs. 


Check out Brenda's website for more information about her and her work.

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