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In this series I re-explore my current home, where space transcends its materialistic dimensions, and becomes a condition that meanders between memories and the present. Space is depicted as an experience, wherein the physical objects that construct what we conventionally understand as space are mere catalysts for this emotional experience that accompanies us throughout our lives, evolving with each introduction to a new space. In this intimate exploration of home, I fail to sustain my objective position as a photographer and find myself irresistibly reshaping my physical reality and falling in the trap of the past.


The photographs capture different areas and occurrences in my house that are contaminated by memories of the past. The memories refer to an ever unfulfilled experience of ‘home’; the memories of the two years that I lived in Iraq, together with the imagined home that I sketched throughout the years of exile. This memory is too powerful that it haunts my daily attempts to reconcile my relationship with the current home/spaces that I occupy.


As we can see, the spaces documented dissolve into an absent present, wherein the dark corrupts what is present revealing an external space that is so haunting and poisonous. Thus memories here gain another dimension that is beyond romanticism and nostalgia, appearing as oppressive and selfish, interrupting my attempts to connect with my physical surroundings. So in a way the dark (black) areas of each photograph reflect an unfulfilled space that will always remain charged with an unconscious desire to relive the past and the imaginary.


Reman Sadani - Contaminations 2014.
About Reman Sadani.

Reman Sadani is an Iraqi visual artist, currently studying BA Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. After exploring different forms of expression ranging from paintings to performances, she is now focusing on photography and film, as she is fascinated by the beautiful dialogue that each of them form between the artist and the subjects, surpassing the solitary nature of the act of creation.


Reman’s work seeks to question her surroundings and her inner conflicts, finding great interest in exploring the changing notions of home, identity and belonging. Her work takes place in domestic and intimate environments that are shaped by a fleeting and diasporic feeling. She believes that with the current technological development, documentation became an act that is both consciously and unconsciously performed, posing challenging questions about the future of documentary works of art. Thus Reman’s current work questions the philosophy and poetics of documentation in a world that is changing and threatening.


You can follow Reman on Instagram or get in touch with her by email.


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