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This photo series represents the images of the place where I have been living for the last 15 years, the place that I call my home. It's my comfort zone, a place that I call my own and a place where I belong. The thought of relocating to a newer place motivated me to take these photographs over a period of 13 months. Capturing these spaces in the photographs are a reminder of the emotion it holds of the past. It is a recollection of memories made of my home and colony, of growing up from a child to adolescence and adolescence to an adult.


My representation of Home connects with the Hold Me Dear project since the existence of this place holds a huge value to me personally. Moreover, the title itself interprets that I’d like to be held back tight within this space that means so much to me. No words can describe the memories built and the experiences gained in the past 15 years and hence, I let my photographs depict the burden of relocation, of perhaps finding a new ‘home’, a sense of belonging and my comfort zone.

Home - by Priyanka Mehra




About Priyanka Mehra.

Photography, for me, is one of the many things that help us explore things that fascinate us and I express my interpretation of the world around me through this medium. With a deep desire to travel and discover the world outside of my home and culture, I plan on absorbing the environment and creating stories through photographs. I love animals, listen to Coldplay and London Grammar most of the times, loathe pink, hate milk and am born and brought up in New Delhi.


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