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New Architects Melbourne - Members' photographs and exhibition event

The Hold Me Dear project collaborated with local organisation New Architects Melbourne in June 2014 to create an exhibition of their members' photographic submissions of treasured places to the Hold Me Dear project.  We were thrilled to see some beautiful photographs and personal stories along a primarily architectural theme submitted, which now not only feature in the online Hold Me Dear gallery, but can also be viewed as part of this New Architects Melbourne collection.


These photographs and stories were featured in a physical exhibition at the New Architects Melbourne anniversary event in June 2014.  As part of the event, this created a platform for attendees to discuss, share and stimulate conversation about those places important to them as individuals.



About New Architects Melbourne

New Architects Melbourne’ (NAM) began in the Brunswick, Melbourne in April 2010 as an informal get together of small local architectural studios and colleagues who knew of people that have recently started their own practice. It provided a platform for new architects to present their story, vision and design processes and sensibilities in a casual, environment in front of peers and enthusiasts alike. On one hand it provides exposure to a particular vibrant aspect of the local industry as well as building connections and networks between architects, designers, architectural publishers and journalists, and the like.

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