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Set in the mountains of North Wales in the Dyssini Valley and rural Gwynedd, where through several generations, memories have been carved into the landscape. The project follows the notion of loss, memory, time and the permanence of place. Through archival images and the collection of semi precious rocks, In the Company of an Invisible Man addresses the idea of making a place important, with a strong and deeply personal story, the project guides the viewer not only through a landscape but through the ongoing internal conversations I have with the land, trying to find the invisible man, a person who once walked amongst the landscape, who has since departed, leaving me to follow the breadcrumb trail, putting the pieces of landscape together.


After the process of visiting the landscape of a set period of time the work lent itself to the form of a photobook. The troubled thought that this landscape has yet to be passed down to the next generation in my family, it felt appropriate to treat the book as something to be passed on, for other people to enjoy and relate to. There is an over awareness and sense of ownership when it comes to particular landscape projects, I wanted the work to be approached as something universal. We have all lost someone close to us, we all know of somewhere where that sense of pain and sorrow is eased.

In The Company Of An Invisible Man.




About Harry Rose.

With a keen interest in landscape photography and how this relates to memory and our own interior landscapes, Harry creates work within the UK.  Having graduated from University of South Wales (Newport) in 2014, Harry's main focus is working as editor for Darwin Magazine. A self published Magazine which was founded by Harry and Ryan Grimley in 2012, which provides a platform for both established and unestablished photographers and writers. 

A contributor to the publication Leaving the Building, as well as having his own work featured, Harry enjoys writing about photography as well as editorial work.  Keep in touch with Harry on Twitter.

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