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Carrickfergus Cemetery

After a break of 16 years from producing creative work, I slowly begun again by photographing sites near my home. I sought out empty, isolated or enclosed areas feeling they may reflect aspects of the communities around them.


It was during this time I discovered the old North Road cemetery in Carrickfergus. It is in a peculiar location, enclosed by trees and nestled between a football social club and park and only accessible by walking up a narrow wooded lane to get to the entrance. It has the feel of a secret garden because it is off the beaten track and is usually empty.


I found the space was so quiet and peaceful it made the perfect place to start experimenting and try out landscape shots or to focus in on period detail. My various visits to the site have enabled me to try different styles of photography and have allowed me to create a new body of work.

About Emma Neilson.

Born in Lanark, Scotland 1969. Emma completed an Honours Degree in Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art in 1991 and went on to complete a Masters in the University of Ulster in 1994. Emma is based in Northern Ireland and her lens-based work explores themes of space, social context and identity.


Recent group exhibitions include ‘The Locale’, McCune Smith Café, Glasgow 2015; ‘V:AST 2015’, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; ‘Open Call’, Unit 9 Gallery, Huddersfield, 2014 and ‘Art in the Eastside 2014’ Billboard project (part of the Belfast Festival at Queens).

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